Monday, March 29, 2010


Yet another example of Photo Fusion...this time combining painting, photography, the Auratone process, and jewelry making.

My friend Amadea Bailey (NOT pictured here!) and I have been talking about doing this for a few months now and so here it is...we've launched our line of jewelry! A perfect collaboration...Amadea is an amazing (and world renowned) expressionist painter, and it turns out her work looks incredible when transformed into Auratone pendants.  Check it out here!

We've decided to take our beautiful but shabby (and bald) mannequin around town to shoot some photos of her wearing the jewelry in various local settings...the beach, shopping, who knows.  I think we might even make a silly video...stay tuned!  Oh...and she definitely needs a name...any ideas?

Also be sure to visit Amadea's website ...she's an inspiration, the real deal, and I know you'll be impressed!

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