Monday, March 22, 2010


Introducing Monday Morning Musings...wherein the blogger blogs about whatever strikes her fancy.

This morning it's to INSPIRE and ENTHUSE, and to that end, my Photo Fusion Facebook Fan Page is now open for business!

In addition to my blog feed with tons of FREE information, I've added lots of photos, some videos, and a few discussion topics awaiting your participation. Much more to come, including links to my new video workshops. My hope is for the page to become a living, breathing thing as we share our passion for all things photographic. It's eclectic, exciting, and effervescent (shrug...I can NEVER resist the opportunity for a little alliteration)!  So join the fun, become a fan, and please do tell your friends!

Coming up...Wedding World Wednesday (groan, there I go again!):  Tons of tips on wedding and engagement photography—whether you're a bride, groom, guest, or pro shooter—and even Photoshop tutorials on what to do with those great images.

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