Friday, March 26, 2010


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For a baby shower held in a charming French restaurant, a mock “French postcard” was the perfect thank-you note. Taking individual table shots meant that each guest seated at a particular table could be featured on a customized postcard.

Once you've created a postcard template, you can use it again and again for a multitude of purposes, adapting it to suit your needs. I created an African version to complement photos I took in Kenya, changing “Merci” to “Jambo,” which means “Hello” in Swahili. I also have a Hawaiian version that says “Aloha” and one that says “Mahalo,” which means “Thank you.” Instead of the typical line you see separating the mailing address from the message, here I substituted a vertical line of type with the date of the event and my copyright information.

It's usually not a good idea to combine two such highly stylized fonts as Bodoni Classic Deco and P22 Cezanne, but in the postcard layout it somehow works, mostly because there's plenty of  space between the two fonts. This goes back to my earlier advice to just play with combinations until you hit one that makes you go “Yes!” regardless of the rules. Bodoni Classic Deco is a rule breaker in itself, the true Bodoni being a pure and unembellished typeface (as used for “Postage Stamp Here”).

I'll be including “How to Make a Postcard Template” in my upcoming Creating Photoshop Templates video workshop.

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