Monday, March 1, 2010


Don't you love thinking about how one thing led you to another thing which led you to another thing and on and on until here you are? Like following the dots of our creative experience that make up the picture that is us? Nothing is wasted!

Shortly after I began shooting in earnest, I discovered alternative Polaroid processes and dove right in. Though the technique became a bit over-used, I still love the fresco-like texture and painterly effect. A few years later, after I had learned to use Photoshop, I scanned my favorites, so even though Polaroid is no longer making instant film, I can use my transfers forever.

Now my passion has turned to photo encaustic, and my eyes are constantly on the prowl for likely candidates. I had made this little booklet of Polaroid transfers as a promotion piece. The pages are interspersed with vellum containing text. Recently I took the book apart, edited and reprinted the title page, then dipped the imaged pages in encaustic and rebound the book. It's a great little table-top piece...I love the tactile quality and the way the light shines softly on the wax. Imagine your photos complemented by some of your favorite quotations, poems, or lyrics.

Very simple, very satisfying. Order my photo encaustic kit and see for yourself.

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