Friday, March 19, 2010

FONT FLAG FRIDAY #6...and some free advice!

Killing three birds with one stone here...a new font flag with four (!) different typefaces, using my iPod hair experiment, and getting something off my chest.

Okay, first things first: The fonts are Lithos Pro (an all-caps typeface); Apple Chancery (script); Mrs. Eaves (for very readable yet elegant text, and probably my favorite and most-used font family); and Prints Charming (which I chose because the “O” echoes the shape of my smilin' face, laugh lines and all!). Four very different personalities, yet they comfortably cohabit this layout without chaos.

Now, as far as getting something off my chest...I cannot tell you how many fabulous, wonderful, sophisticated, upscale, and stylish ads, websites, articles, and captions I have seen where an apostrophe is arbitrarily plunked down to form the contraction “it's” when it's just plain wrong. There is nothing wrong with the word “its” as long as it's used properly (as in “Punctuation rears its ugly head.) I know, I know...picky, picky, picky. But it's just one of those things that makes my heart sink as my (and I'm quite sure other people's) estimation of the professionalism of the entity involved sinks in direct proportion.

There, I feel MUCH better!

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  1. Hey, nice picture! I believe I know the photographer;). And I think IT'S great you schooled us all on the correct use of "ITS" and ITS many possibilities! Phew. I did it! xo