Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Photo by Verofoto
Yes, I know...I said I was on hiatus to develop digital designs kits for you, and I really was...but I ended up falling in love and getting married, and now I'm packing and moving. As I'm often reminded, we make plans and God laughs. Anyway, I promise I WILL be back soon, in earnest, and with the promised kits, but in the meantime I just wanted to share some of the handmade highlights of my wedding.

Garth and I got married in a hardware store. Not just any hardware store...this is Liz's Antique Hardware in L.A., a one-of-a-kind astonishing and fabulous emporium of vintage hardware from all over the world, and upstairs is an art gallery (The Loft at Liz's) with an enormous vintage Murano glass chandelier hanging in a stairwell. In keeping with the hardware theme, we chose a metallic color scheme...gold, silver, bronze, and copper...which I integrated into my handmade items. Naturally, I made the save-the-date cards and invitations (actually, I collaborated with my very talented and creative husband). The invitation featured a metallic momi (Japanese paper) mobius strip a la M.C. Escher, signifying the endless nature of our love.

I decided to make whimsical trinkets to give to our guests as mementoes and used the Auratone process to make little charms with our initials and the date; another of the charms is an actual piece of hardware...a gold lamp ring. My personal trinket now hangs on the wall from a vintage hook...they can hang just about anywhere, or just sit on a table top, or dangle from a necklace, or adorn a picture frame. (Customized trinkets are now available in my shop...some events in life just demand a meaningful memento!)

I also made a guest book and covered it with one of my favorite decorative papers from Paper Source. Since this was a small, intimate wedding, each guest had a page on which to sign their name and write a note (if they so desired). Ultimately, wedding cards, photos, copies of our vows, and other memorabilia will be added to make this a mixed media album.
Lastly, I made a sleeve that housed a CD with a slide show and photo gallery and also served as a thank-you note. A CD-sleeve with a coordinating CD label is one of my favorite items to customize. If you'd like a set of templates so you can do the same, just let me know and I'll send it to you gratis, my wedding gift to you.