Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's in a Label?

Even though I've taught workshops and written how-to books, I feel funny calling myself a teacher. And even though I make art every day, I feel funny calling myself an artist. And every day I learn something new, yet I feel funny calling myself a student.

Well, here on my blog I'm all three, and I'm here to share my experiences as such with anyone who may share my interests in photo fusion...combining photographs with mixed media.

So far this month I've been a student learning about paint and the world of color therein. Making this valentine for Garth gave me an excuse to experiment with layers of acrylic paints to create depth and texture. I stuck with a monochromatic color scheme. Alas, no photo was, the focal point is a set of hearts made out of paper cut from an old thesaurus describing synonyms for "love." My next project will feature a photo, I promise.

My thanks to Seth Apter and The Land of Lost Luggage for guidance and inspiration!

Mixed media: acrylic paint, vintage paper, metallic marker, rub-on, rubber stamps, found object on watercolor paper