Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Wanted to Share...

I just wanted to share a few of the comments I have received about the Auratone Print Kit:

"I have a degree in mixed media art & printmaking and have always admired the old can only imagine my delight when I ran across your site and found that you have SIMPLIFIED a grueling, yet amazing technique for the modern day artists! You are a hero in my book!

I have been looking for something unique to offer my clients, as well as add to my line of jewelry. I make jewelry for approx 300+ photographers across the US and am always on the lookout for new processes to compliment my jewelry line....I think I just found a new one - THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and talents....I can see how absolutely addicting it will be ;0)" (from Holly Perona, Otis Orchards, Washington)

"This process is fantastic! You're a genius. I'm tearing up your five dollar check. It's worth the full price." (from Mark Oristano, Dallas, Texas)

"I received the Auratone kit yesterday in the mail (thanks for speedy service) and, of course, I had to try it immediately. Instant gratification! I let it dry overnight and was very happy with the results. I admit, my first attempt was good but not perfect (few too many visible brush strokes and sepia photos looked better than the B&W) but I learned from doing and know that I can correct and improve on my next go round.

My question: There was a little gold solution left in the cup. Can or should this be washed out or just left in it to dry and refil next time over the dried gold?

Same with the brush. Can it be reused? Washed?

Thanks for your help. Love the look and now can't wait to search out new subjects that lend them self to this technique." (from
Sandy Dimke, Beaufort, South Carolina)