Wednesday, May 5, 2010


An "envelopment" wrapped in ribbon turns a simple flat card printed on a nice heavyweight stock into a gift.

I think word-of mouth is by far the most effective means of promotion, especially for a wedding photographer. Most people ask their friends for referrals before choosing an unknown entity from a directory or magazine.

So, after you've shot a wedding, here's a simple way to maintain the special connection you've cultivated with your clients so that they'll be sure to refer you, and it will even keep them coming back for more: As each anniversary approaches, send them a special card featuring a photo from their wedding and include a freebie or gift certificate for a discount on an anniversary photo session.

Next week I'll share another great tip for "guerilla marketing"... an inexpensive and very effective idea I bet you'll want to incorporate into your existing work flow.

Find step-by-step instructions for this project and others in my book, The Art & Craft of Keepsake Photography: Engagements and Weddings, available in my website shop and through and other online booksellers.

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