Friday, May 7, 2010


Contrast is the #1 consideration when combining font faces in a layout. Start with two VERY different fonts and/or type sizes. Here I combined P22 Typewriter and P22 Dearest.

P22 is hands down my favorite font house. Meticulously designed professional typefaces, often imitated  but never equaled. Sign up for their newsletter and/or become a Facebook fan to be among the first to hear about specials on existing fonts and introductions to new ones. And check out their shop…font-based apparel, glassware, publications, and other stuff…even a doormat!

Because I love you, here's a mini Photoshop tutorial for turning a photo into a sketch (as I did in this layout).  This works better with some photos than others, so play:

1. Open an image file and duplicate the background layer (Layer>Duplicate Layer>OK).

2. With the duplicate layer highlighted in the Layers palette, go to Image>Adjust>Desaturate, then go to Filter>Stylize>Find Edges.

3. In the Layers palette, change the blending mode for the duplicate layer from Normal to Overlay.