Monday, May 17, 2010


To quote Garth, the very special man in my life, "I'm in a constant state of photography." A weekend getaway yielded this image that I shot, transformed into a thank-you note printed on watercolor paper, and sent to the hotel manager, a personal friend who pulled out all the stops in treating us to a dreamy idyll.

The grounds were lush with exquisite gardens, and Garth spied an AMAZING ivy-type vine that I hadn't noticed; once he pointed it out, I knew it would make a wonderful border. Now I'm hoping I might be able to sell the cards in the hotel gift shop.

This is a preview of the types of kits I'll be offering for sale in the weeks ahead. Each kit will contain various Photoshop elements such as (shown here) a template for a folded thank-you note, a swirly vine brush, a vignette, and a mock embossed border...just add your own photo, print, and share. Of course detailed step-by-step instructions will also be included.

Stay tuned!

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