Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Simplicity itself, and romantic and evocative when illuminated, candle favors are perfect for individual place settings but can also be grouped together to form an unusual centerpiece. Personalizing each candle with a beautiful photograph of the couple makes it a true keepsake.

     - Matte photo paper
     - Scissors or paper cutter
     - Double-sided tape
     - Candle and glass cylinder
     - Ribbon, cord, or fiber (optional)

1. Create a page layout equal to the height and circumference of the glass cylinder, plus 1/4 inch for overlap. Incorporate a photo of the couple with their names and wedding date. (Font: Shelley Allegro)

2. Print, trim if necessary, and wrap the paper around the cylinder. Secure with double-sided tape.

3. Tie a length of ribbon, cord, or fiber around the cylinder if desired.

4. Insert candle.

Thanks to Gia and Pete Hettish!

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