Friday, May 21, 2010


Do these two fonts work together? I'm not sure as a combo they fall within any graphic design guideline...each has such a strong personality they could fight with each other. My brain says "No, no, no!" but for some reason my eyes say "Yes!"

The idea of making font flags is to play with type combinations as you create your own reference library so that when the time comes to design a layout—an invitation, poster, business card, holiday greeting, whatever—you have them at your fingertips.

Let's imagine my imaginary museum group asks me to design a poster for an upcoming event and they need it yesterday. In almost no time at all, it's done. While this mock poster incorporates the font name of Bauhaus, I think the combination would work just as well for an invitation to a party or even a wedding. What do you think?

(Font Links: P22 Bauhaus, P22 DaVinci)

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