Monday, January 14, 2013


Work in progress...mixed media collage. It's really exciting to discover new applications for one of my favorite processes. Here I'm combining an Auratone print and a soldered Auratone pendant with a textured background and some found objects.

Maybe you'd like to expand your repertoire to include something that makes your photos look like vintage images with the gleam of gold akin to Edward Curtis' Orotones (circa 1920). It's a simple fact, here's a little video demonstration. (Kits are available in My Shop.)

Auratone Pendants
The process also lends itself well to other's a unique way to add another layer to your  paintings or other art...just take a photograph of the piece and then transform it into Auratone jewelry or prints.

A miniature Amadea Bailey painting transformed  into an Auratone pendant.

Photographer Nicol Ragland used Auratones to create this assemblage.


  1. Wonderful technique Barbara. I loved the video. The tutorial was clear and easy to follow. And the resulting Auratones are something special.

  2. Thanks, Seth! It feels great to get such positive feedback from someone whose work I admire so much!