Monday, November 12, 2012


You're a unique amalgamation of everything you've grown to love over your lifetime.

Nothing is wasted! Following the dots, my own life as an artist began when I was a child who loved art and stationery supplies, blossomed when I took my first thoughtfully composed photograph and decided to make a greeting card out of it, and continues to flourish as, at 65, I combine one process with another to create something new each time.

Here's a case in point. 

From a simple photograph, to...

Some digital manipulation (in Photoshop or a smart phone app), to...

A handmade book, to...

A photo transfer to the book, adding a little encaustic to judge the effect, to...

Wall art...encaustic on birch panel.

I hope this inspires you! And if you're interested in exploring encaustic - basically, it's painting with hot beeswax - read about it and maybe even purchase an introductory CD or kit in MY SHOP


  1. I love how you have connected the dots here. A beautiful post.

    1. Thanks so much, Seth...and for taking the time to comment!