Friday, February 12, 2010


Finding the right font to go with a photo layout can be challenging, and finding two very different but complementary fonts even more so. That's why I like to make "font flags" visual journal pages where I experiment with different combinations and then save what I like for future reference. Besides that, they're fun to can even print and frame them. Thought I'd share mine with you each Friday, along with links so that you can purchase the fonts you like...but mostly I just want to inspire you to experiment on your own.

Caslon is a classic and very readable font "family," meaning it's available with similar characteristics in several sizes and weights...e.g., regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. Some families also include condensed, small caps, and other professional styles. Purchase Caslon at Linotype,, and elsewhere.

Liana is a script font that's easy to read, elegant, feminine, and has a handwritten character that's perfect for letters and informal invitations (and Valentines!). Available from

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