Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm very excited to announce that I've launched my Photo Encaustic Kit! What exactly IS photo encaustic, you may ask? Well, encaustic is a beeswax-based medium; wax layers are fused with heat to bond them together. Photo encaustic describes a photographic image fused with hot wax. There are lots of effects possible depending on how you apply the wax, but no matter which method you choose, the wax imparts an alluring luminosity which enriches the photograph.

You may have noticed that there's a Renaissance under foot in the world of photography insofar as mixed media explorations, and photo encaustic is part of that Renaissance. While you may not be able to draw or paint, with photo in hand you can enter the exciting world of mixed media...incorporating wax, pigment, and a wide variety of collage elements and a new lexicon of techniques such as incising, distressing, and transfering.

If you've been curious about photo encaustic but not curious enough to invest in all the materials and supplies that seem to be required, this is the kit for you! It provides an introduction to three simple and pretty much foolproof photo encaustic processes -- dipping, pouring, and brushing -- and includes detailed instructions, materials, and supplies for doing so. Secondary processes of incising, transferring, and layering are also covered.

Just a heads up: The kit does NOT include heating elements...but you may even have them electric skillet, Crock-Pot, or warming tray, and a heat gun (something almost every crafter has on hand).

Click here for more information, examples, and/or to order. (The instruction guide is also available separately...just click on "Kits" in the menu and you'll see it.)

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  1. thank you for your inspiration - i knew if i searched i would find people who understood what i wanted to do with my photography....Sharon Lee